sports (Meri&Alexis Morah Lisa)

  1. they have been playing baseball since 2007.
  2. they play soccer, basketball, baseball, and tennis.
  3. they are in Olympics and do really well in them.
  4. some disabled sports are archery, swimming, rowing, sailing and cycling .
  5. soccer is a national sport in Israel


Sports in Israel Justin,Robbie Morah Rosenblatt
  • Israel basketball won 5 championships
  • Israels own Omri Casspi and gal Mekel play in the NBA
  • Israels Olympic team has won seven medals
  • Shahar pe'er was the winner of Israels tennis championship in 2008
  • Israels lacrosse team came in 8th out of 17 at the European lacrosse champion ship in 2012 Israels
  • Baseball was introduced into the country on July 4,1927
  • In Israel track and field runners are mainly focused on the Maccabiah Games
  • The Israel Swimming Association is the most famous swimming association in Israel
  • Did you know running is really popular in Israel
  • The Yosef Goodman football league has 12 teams and youths
  • Chess has always been an intellectual sport in Israel
  • Micheal Kolganov has won an Olympic bronze in the k-1 500 meter race in canoeing
  • did you know in 1986 Israel started playing ice hockey