The Judean Desert 2015 - 2016 (Morah Bernstein)
Group Members: Taylor, Jacob, Juliet

  • Surrounded by the Mountain of Judea to the West and the Dead Sea to the East.
  • Close to Jerusalem and relatively separately populated.
  • Jewish rebels were not the only one that live.

Judean dessert.jpg

  • During the time of the Maccabees large fortress such as Masada and Horkenya were established in the desert.
  • Several decades ago in the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered hidden in a cave in Qumran, while shed light on the bible and the period which they were written.
  • Mountains, cliffs, and chalk hills stands alongside plateaus, river beds, and deep canyons.


  • The Dead Sea is in the Judean desert. It has so much salt nothing can live there.
  • It has so much minerals you will always float.
  • The oasis Ein Gedi means fountain of the young goat.