Ein Gedi is a beautiful city in Isreal! Ein Gedi has a lot of beautiful places to visit! Some of the beautiful places in Ein Gedi that you could visit include the interesting

Ein Gedi Eden S and Emma Z Mrs. Locke
Ein Gedi is a beautiful place to visit in Isreal!
Ein Gedi has the beautiful David falls! If you go to the interesting Dead Sea there is no need to worry about sinking because there is a lot of salt. Sea of Galilee is Israel’s largest water supply of fresh water. The Caramel Mountain [not actual caramel] has a wide selection of bushes, shrubs and trees. If you want to see something very interesting you can check out Jezreel valley to see their amazing geography, ancient and their modern history. The Golan heights a very VERY pretty part of Ein Gedi and people travel their a lot. The Ein Hula valley is my favorite part of Ein Gedi! The valley of Elah has an amazing selection of wines for their guests!

The Jordan valley stretches from the Jordan river mall to the dead sea! The Galilee has a lot of mountains! The Galilee is in North Isreal. It is divided into upper and lower Galilee! If you get the chance you should visit the Judean desert it is unique and exciting place because it is small but still has amazing nature reserves and historic sites.EIN Gedi is a beautiful, interesting and educational place to visit!!!:)
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